So Long, Sweet Summer!

Although our busy and overcharged lives don’t always allow us fully to enjoy those lazy days of summer, I am always more than a little wistful when September comes around.  Back to school, back to routine, and as the French say, time for “La Rentrée” or re-entry.  

Here are a few of my favorite things about summer:

Hydrangeas in Bloom: One of my favorite flowers, these beauties are easy to grow and you get a lot of “bang for your buck.” They are long-lasting, look gorgeous in their natural setting, and are just as pretty in a vase.  I love watching these plants sprout their first leaves in late spring.  After a long winter’s nap, they transform from their twig-like appearance to the full, lush and colorful blooms, peaking mid July, and offering a wonderful range of color throughout the summer months.  They just plain make me happy!


Eating al fresco and enjoying summer’s fresh offerings:  The delectable fruits and vegetables of summer make cooking and eating easier and more pleasing.  I love picking tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs from my garden and making delicious summer salads and side dishes.  And when it comes to the main course, everything seems to taste better on a grill– especially when it is alongside a frosty margarita!  During the cold, dark days of winter, I will miss the taste and colors of summer meals.


Long Days and Summer Sunsets:  I love the long summer days when the sun rises early and doesn’t set until close to 8:00.  The long days make us more productive and energetic.  And a perfect end to the day is watching the sun go down at the shore.  The last, lingering lights combine with wisps of clouds to create a dazzling array of colors and raise my anticipation for the next day.  Here is a recent sunset on the Long Island Sound. 


Wearing sandals all summer!  What more is there to say?!?



Playing tennis in the great outdoors!  Tennis is a passion and there is something wonderful about working up a sweat and swinging a racquet under the sun.  It is great exercise and a perfect way to make new friends.  I try to take advantage of every chance to play, especially when I can play on grass courts.  A real treat!  But this time of year, I am setting aside time to watch what I know will be breathtaking performances at the U.S. Open.